The Warehouse Management System (WMS) is based upon plant, cold store location, cold cell, row from, row to, level from, level to.

Implementing a WMS system generally leads to a more efficient way of handling units and keeping the quality of Fresh Produce high. The sales system will automatically try to identify the oldest available units that meets the quality sold. This ensures that Fresh Produce suffers less from storage break down.

WMS is mandatory information, and does not restrict the rest of the operations. 

It gives the Flex˛B user the ability to organize its warehouse, to segregate Fresh Produce units to certain locations for further actions or operations. Flex˛B allows for fast retrievals of a given unit in the warehouse(s), allows for the grouping of Fresh Produce based on quality, and for the segregation of contaminated units.

Warehouse management always holds the latest known location in the Warehouse. An open architecture allows external applications to communicate to the Flex˛B backend system. The system can be used to guide the forklift system to efficiency (tailor made).