Qu-Bis (Quantaris Beheer en Informatie Systeem) is the software for the modern notary. All necessary data to build a complete file are saved in a such a structured way, that they are available in an instant to enable you to interactively compose the deed for your client.

Qu-Bis is based on market standards in automation and consequently guarantees a stable and efficient system that can grow with the changing circumstances of your notary. Data are captured once to be made repeatedly usable in order to prevent double input and increase efficiency!

Qu-Bis streamlines all administrative processes in order keep a clear view on all performances of the organisation at any time. Comprehensive overviews of the work in progress, the written en billed man-hours, the productivity of the co-workers are standard available in Qu-Bis.

Qu-Bis embodies a vital link in the chain of notary automation. Amongst its many benefits, it can also retrieve addresses and legal persons from administrations via Qu-Integration.

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