Accounting and Sales Software

Visual AccoFlex:  An Accounting & Sales Application, based upon the same development environment as Flex˛B. 

Visual AccoFlex can be used as an independent software for book keeping, sales and ordering. It complies with Belgian legislation, but also extends to other European countries for book keeping, sales orders, etc.. and it has an extensive set of reporting features and automated declarances. 


  • Multi Company.
  • Multi Currency.
  • Multi Lingual (User interface and print-outs).
  • Multi User.
  • Multi Country.
  • Euro compliant.
  • Client Server version available.
  • Windows version (32 bit).
  • Analytical.
  • Graphical reports and analysis.
  • Export to popular reporting formats (Excel, PDF, ...).
  • Automatic Faxing procedure directly from the Accounting Program.
  • Can be fast manipulated with the mouse.
  • Can be fast edited by the keyboard.
  • Runs multiple sessions.
  • Security on company and user level.
  • User restrictions can be modified per module.
  • Intuitive interface.