Tracking and Traceability is very important in the Food chain not in the least to be compliant with the European Food laws.

Traceability & Food Safety

Tracking and TracIng is very important in the Food chain, not in the least to be compliant with the European Food laws.

Track & Trace can be implemented at stock unit level (pallet, bulk, container,...) as well as handling unit level (box, bag, sack, pack,...)

Recalls, for internal stock or already shipped produce, can be implemented via real time available track and trace reports.

Packing traceability is supported

Temperature logging can be integrated to track cold chain interruptions

All information required by food safety legislation, or any end-to-end food transparancy platform (e.g. food origin and carbon footprint) can be tracked.

Stock units can be blocked for shipment until all food safety controls are cleared (e.g. confirmation of crop sheet evidence, confirmation of certifacte, waiting for lab results, pack and repack action etc.)

More details:
Currently, Flex²B Fresh Produce is able to:

  • identify an orchard for every grower
  • identify fruit that comes from the field at the grower’s orchard. (bin management)
  • identify the fruit with characteristics such as origin, variety, grower, orchard (pkin)...
  • identify the fruit as a per box as the smallest traceable unit
  • identify the boxes as being part of a certain pallet.
  • identify the pallets on a production order
  • identify all operations on a pallet a.k.a.

Stock movements, creations, production, (re)packing, quality, segregation, deliveries, returns, blocking, dump, track, trace and recall.

  • identify delivery operations
  • apply bar codes per bin, pallet & box
  • print bar coded pallet cards, box labels
  • scan bar codes at any operation (production lines, PDA, hand scanner...)

Currently, Flex²B Wood is able to:

  • define a lot of trees over several varieties
  • define a sellable lot over several varieties
  • uniquely identify each tree
  • Cutting, measuring, sawing, loading of trees to container or truck.
  • track and trace the tree as per container or sea container until arrival at the destination port.

Flex²B for Quality controllers.
In addition to the high end user applications, Flex²B also has an open standard interface. It gives persons (ie Quality controllers) the ability to go and scan some packs in the local warehouse and immediately get an overview of the operations that were done on a specific box or pallet. It allows you to use our PDA modules in the field or to write your own client applications for a variety of mobile phones.