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  • On arrival, crops are taken into stock during the Inward Harvest procedure. This procedure involves a quality, weight, ambient and produce temperature check. Each Stock unit is given a unique identification number and corresponding pallet card / label. The appropriate Field, Plot, Harvest Supervisor and Team information is associated with each Stock Unit. Each Stock Unit is moved to a designated Stock Location marked with a warehouse management location identifier to record the movement. All processes in the Pack house can be described by either a movement, an operation or a combination of both.

    Typically bulk bins that have been temperature and humidity controlled after inward harvest are moved from cool cells, reweighed, moved and tipped to one of our production lines. After the bulk bins have been depleted at the beginning of the line, finished materials are created at the end of the line. Finished materials movement is then recorded to cool cell locations before final load out pallet depletion to Paul Brophy or customer transport.


    Mark Walsh - Paul Brophy Produce, Ireland
  • Scalable, Speed to Market and a Great Relationship
    They have not only provided quality service and care, Oryx has become a partner to us rather than simply a vendor. The Flex²B GUI and Flex²B WEB Applications are open industry and integrated platforms that are deployed at service partner (operational cool-store) sites providing real-time information exchange and processing (24 x 7 x 365). Flex to Business (Flex²B) is a strategic component within our European IT landscape. It is critical to our business needs around logistical & supply chain processes; vessel discharge & receipt, in-market quality management, inventory and warehouse management throughout the EU.

    Raj Kant - ZESPRI Information Systems Manager
  • Mr. Daniel Zuluaga states:

    "The experience to know Flex²B directly from its main developers and distributors gives a clear idea about what the solution is about, not only from the technical side but also from the business side: the profits that could bring to a fresh products company have this type of competitive advantage.

    Keeping track of your goods is always important in every business, but especially for fresh produce companies that are targeting the international market, it is critical. Flex²B gives the possibility to be sure of your inventory while it guaranties the security of your product and the fulfillment of different international laws and standards.

    Logo TerravocadoColombia is an emerging economy and it is well known that fresh products are one of its core export goods. I am confident that there is plenty opportunity for Flex²B to improve the avocado and other important productive chains in the country, hand in hand with Terravocado."

    Daniel Zuluaga - Director - Terravocado
  • Amazing-Chocolates-100For an artisanal chocolatier as myself, optimal scanning and accurate data are extremely important. In B2B, we were surprised by the additional labeling and scanning processes that were required as a standard by most companies. With ORYX we found the right partner to realize this. We value their technical support, fast service and their willingness to assist smaller companies such as ours. With their expertise at my side, I can now face the demands for scanning processes of all companies with confidence.

    Wendy Vriesacker - AMAZING CHOCOLATES BVBA
  • François Caudron is satisfied with the product and is convinced that this solution will keep on supporting ZSC in the future.  "We are in a continuous growing market in which ZSC is playing an increasing role".

    François Caudron - ZSC N.V. - Belgium
  • Logo Cohout bvbaThanks to the scanning solution provided by the Flex²B application, I am able to load more and faster using the same resources.

    Jo Colemont - Director - CoHout B.V.B.A.