What is Flex˛B?

Flex˛B is a software solution. It implements the needs of the modern fresh produce or wood industries. Central to Flex˛B are the automated registrations for operations to the smallest identifiable registration unit.

Flex˛B is designed to serve you over the entire organisation.

Why Flex˛B?

Complies to the EC Food law regulation: EC/178/2002
Complies to the US Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) PL 111-353
Embeds GS1 barcodes, normalisations,...
Pallet & bin tracing, pack and box tracing via barcodes or RFID’s.
Logging of all operations against Production Order.
PO / Lot registrations
One solution for Inventory, cold store / warehouse management , quality , tracking & tracing.
Can be implemented in a multi-site or multi-plant environment.
Can be implemented in a centralised or decentralised environment.
Several versions of the same application.
Hooks in into your local ERP solution (ie. SAP, VAF, ...)
SSCC, AI00, AI10,AI02, AI13, AI37, AI412, GTIN,...

Basic overview:

1. Distribution Management

  • Delivery to customer

2. Procurement Logistics

  • Purchase requisition
  • Supplier selection
  • Purchase order
  • Goods or Service receipt

3. Operations & Logistics

  • Picking goods
  • Quality Management
  • (Re-)Packing Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Radio Frequency and/or batch handheld barcode readers

4. Financial Accounting (external or from Oryx)

5. Open connectivity to your partners

  • Electronic commerce to/from your client  EDI tailor made  XML, SOAP,…  DESADV via webserver

6. Production Line Automation (Tailor Made)

7. Site replication & Consolidation

Decisions depend on?
Implement a release based upon

  • Quantity of operations <> Operations executed
  • Number of users
  • Production or handling
  • Duty
  • Centralisation <> decentralisation
  • Availability of IT staff, IT infrastructure
  • Acceptable downtime
  • Pricing

Versions of Flex˛B?

  • Client application: the collection of all modules in a user friendly Windows interface (MS Office alike)
  • Web application: the collection of the core modules in a user friendly Web interface (high user experience)
  • Open application: the collection of a set of methods for independent application development in other areas.
  • Background applications: several tools for replication, monitoring, automated uploading of ERP sales orders, guiding production lines, guiding machinery,...