DataFlex® is designed for developing database independent applications for Windows and World Wide Web.  The finely tuned interaction between the components of the DataFlex system eliminates a huge amount of tedious and redundant custom coding – without locking you into a RAD dead-end.  DataFlex provides the right tools for creating database applications, fast!

DataFlex® is simply the best development platform in the world!

DataFlex® is an advanced object-oriented 4GL designed for developing database applications. The integration of a proven framework enables you to quickly build reliable, high-performance business applications. DataFlex also gives you a completely portable application development environment. Your applications can be developed under DOS, Console Mode (Windows 95/NT), or any of the major UNIX systems we support. You can easily port your valuable work to any other supported environment, often with nothing more than a recompilation of the source code.

Interested? Watch this training video: Getting started with DataFlex Web reporting using Dynamic AI

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