The Flex˛B system gives you an accurate view of all materials on hand. You can inspect at plant level. It also defines the commercially available quantities as well as the ’in-transit’ materials. The stock positions, critical levels and underways, combined with the WMS results in a fast and optimal stock rotation.

The Inventory System has an embedded Production and Operations component, which allows breakdown of one material and build up to another material, guarding traceability by collecting it in Production Orders for breakdown and Production Orders for building the new materials.

The Inventory System defines all operational actions taken on certain fresh produce, so that traceability is guaranteed over the production process.

Materials that are broken down or built up become available into commercial stock. When communication to the ERP system is needed, you can easily define an automated replication event. This pushes the information to a custom EDI file, or can be tailored to a web service that posts the information. Oryx has already written tailor made replication to external ERP systems (ie SAP)